Text Analysis: Chicago 1919 Riot



The most frequently   appearing word in the corpus is negro. The frequency of negro highlights the name to denote persons considered to be of Black/African American heritage.  Basing the language on the readings in Lesson 6, I would say it is what was expected being that this is a term that was used when reporting or referring to Blacks.

      • Listed below are tables of the 5 most frequent words that were in my collection of documents as well as a table for each of the three documents with 5 of the most distinctive words in the 3 documents

The most frequently used words are what I expected them to be due to terms that were used during this time.  Th distinctive words that are listed in the tables are terms that could be used when reporting on a riot in the newspaper. The documents did contain OCR words, so using Voyant, I was able to add those words to the “stopwords” list so that they will no longer be shown.






Reading the article street was another term that was talked about  throughout the three articles due to the newspaper reporting on the cite of killings and or where rioting was taking place.


Another distinctive term appearing frequently in the article is school.  School was used across two sourced as a description of the school and education between Black and whites. The term was used as reporting on Blacks using dilapidated  churches, which not equipped with the proper learning environment and teachers having little to no education.  The meaning seems to have the same meaning throughout the articles it is used in.



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