Analyze a Race Riot

The dimensions that I feel mostly defined the events of my racial disorder would be trigger, the article talks about the killing of a fourteen-year-old African American male, Eugene Williams, and how he was struck in the head by a rock causing him to drown due to being on the wrong side of the lake while rafting, owned by whites. Another trigger would be when the surviving boys identifying the white male who caused the drowning and nothing happening to him. The lack of police action ignited the city’s factions already fraught with racial tension. In addition to Eugene Williams death, multiple other causative factors are attributed to the violent outbreak, including increased African American migration from the rural South.

The label that best describes my riot would of the label “race riot” race riot is defined as an outbreak of violence between two racial groups, and pogrom defined as an organized brutal/violent massacre of a particular ethic group. As already mentioned, the death of the fourteen-year-old caused race riots between blacks and whites that lasted five days. The unjust of those who caused the death of the teen caused an even more uproar. When word spread of the Black youth’s death and the favoritism of the police, Blacks came to the beach but were thwarted by rock-hurling whites, the races clashed yet again, hitting each other with rocks, which resulted in a black man firing a gun and injuring an officer, the man was shot and killed by a Black officer, which the much studied riot gained velocity at this point. On July 27, a gang attacked at least twenty-seven blacks; some of them were beaten and some were shot.


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